Coastal Technical Sales has installed storage tanks and other materials, such as pipes, valves, actuators and stainless steel tanks, in PA, NJ, DE, NY, MD and DC areas for over 35 years. Accordingly, having installed over 10,000 tanks for chemical, municipal, power and pharmaceutical industries, we have extensive experience in the pros and cons of each type of tank material, as well as matching the appropriate variety of tank with the purpose it will serve. Below are descriptions of a few of the tank types offered.

Polyethylene Tanks (“Poly” Tanks)

Polyethylene tanks serve a wide variety of purposes for businesses and industries. They are extremely strong, but when placed under duress, are flexible enough to avoid breaking or cracking from an accidental impact. Lighter than most other materials, they’re easy to install, as well. Polyethylene tanks are able to store hazardous materials, such as harsh chemicals or oils, but are also often used to store harmless liquids such as rainwater. These tanks are also durable, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, as well as affordable.

Carbon Steel Tanks

Much like polyethylene tanks, carbon steel tanks can be used to store a wide variety of materials. Considerably heavier than polyethylene tanks, carbon steel tanks are sturdy and an excellent choice for storing heated products due to their ability to withstand very high and very low temperatures without sustaining any damage. Some carbon steel tanks are specially designed for flammable materials.

Stainless Steel Tanks

Most often used in the food industry and for chemical storage purposes, these tanks are very versatile in use. Aside from being extremely strong and able to contain most chemicals due to the steel’s resistance to corrosion, these tanks can be altered slightly to adhere to FDA regulations when it comes to food processing and storage.

Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass tanks are very rigid and, like steel tanks, withstand heat quite well. Fiberglass tanks are often used for purposes involving water supply, as in irrigation systems and wastewater purposes.

Depending on a client’s stated need, Coastal Technical Sales will match a business with the best variety of tank for them, at competitive prices. We carry only the highest-quality tanks in the industry, such as those made by PolyProcessing, where all storage systems are designed specifically for the chemicals they will contain. Many of these systems are made with the highest-tech materials, such as XLPE, a thermoset resin that is “specifically designed for critical applications like chemical storage” and is increasingly being used to replace linear polyethylene, fiberglass-reinforced plastic and carbon and stainless steel tanks.

For more information on the products offered by Coastal Technical Sales, or to speak with a representative, visit our website or call 800-377-4757.