Miscellaneous Products

Coastal Technical Sales can offer other corrosion resistant products. We can package these together with our other products. These include steam traps, mixers, level controls, PLC panels, skid assemblies. We can also offer special fluoropolymer and plastic material.


  • Steam traps, strainers, expansion joints & boiler blow-off valves

Micromold Products

  • Fluoropolymer spacer, flanges, and piping systems

Pro-Quip Mixer

  • Electric and air mixers

Mid-Atlantic Plastic Fabricators

  • Plastic fabrication in HDPE, PPL, PVC and other plastic materials
  • Specializes in unique Plastic fabrication


  • Ultrasonic level and leak detection


  • Teflon lined hoses, sight glasses and other lined products

Coastal Technical Sales Inc.

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