Coastal Technical Sales, Inc. is one of a select few companies which can supply automated lined valves. We supply a high number of valves, pipes, and actuators to the Northeast. A lined valve is beneficial because of its chemical inertness, and the products are economical for long-term service with proven reliability. With all the kinds of lined valves, we’re going to take a look at the benefits of some of the most relied upon products.

Teflon Lined Valves: Teflon is low friction and is an efficient sealer for your valve. With a Teflon lined valve, the ball can be sealed and shut off at low pressure.


Ball Valve: Depending on the lining and the series of the ball valve, there are many quality features associated with the product. Our lined ball valves are PTFE a protector. When under compressive stress, the PTFE valves prevent micro-fissures from developing.

Choose composite valves in DC and throughout the Northeast from Coastal Technical Sales, Inc. and enjoy zero corrosion with half the weight of steel. Our composite ball valves are Nil-Cor. See a picture of our automated fiberglass ball valve below:

2014-07-07 12.05.50

Additionally, they are made of rugged construction and have a long service life while maintaining high pressure and high temperature flow.

Butterfly Valves: These valves, made by Nil-Cor, feature a variety of reinforcement agents that produce a corrosion resistant valve. Nil-Cor valves weigh up to 1/3 less than its metal counterparts, providing easy installation. The design offers trouble-free operation and has long-lasting durability. Their small size allows them to open and close quickly, requiring less structural support. The reliability associated with the butterfly valves requires little maintenance. You can configure the butterfly valves to operate manually, pneumatically, or electronically for your convenience.

Lined valves offer you plenty of advantages over alloy valves, and come at a more affordable cost. When you have Teflon lined or stainless steel valves in NJ, you’re receiving versatility and corrosion resistance. They resist corrosion in the sense that the lined material is unaffected by chemicals, fluctuating temperatures, and processing differing concentrations of fluids that flow through the valves. Contact us if you’re interested in further information about our lined valves.