Stainless Steel Storage Tanks Philadelphia, PA

Coastal Technical Sales (CTS), located near Philadelphia, PA, supplies, installs and repairs storage tanks throughout PA, NJ, DE, NY, MD and Washington, DC. We are experts in our field, with technicians ready and able to supply your business in the chemical, municipal, power, or pharmaceutical company with all the appropriate tank-storage related supplies you may need.

Polyethylene Tank Repairs

In the PA, NJ, DE, NY, MD and DC regions, we are the go-to provider for business’ varied tank requirements. Your unique needs depend on your industry, and Coastal Technical Sales prides itself on knowing how to provide tanks and other equipment to match the exact specifications and regulations required for your work. Our services include installation and repair, along with providing the high-quality inventory we are constantly updating in order to best serve our clients.

Businesses operating in the food industry or which utilize certain chemicals can come to us for installation or repair of our versatile stainless steel tanks, which are resistant to corrosion and can adhere to FDA regulations in PA, NJ, DE, NY, MD, and DC; these tanks can also be altered slightly if need be, to conform to more stringent or unique regulations, according to your industry.

Carbon steel storage tanks are an excellent option for a wide variety of materials, and can store heated products due to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures without causing damage to material used in the construction of the tank. Carbon steel tanks can be specially designed for flammable materials, and businesses can consult with our technicians regarding a plan to install and repair a carbon steel storage tank at their business in the Tri-State or NY, MD, or DC location.

Should your business require a polyethylene (plastic) storage tank, we provide their installation and repair as well. Polyethylene tanks are particularly useful for purposes that require a very strong but flexible tank that is resistant to cracking or breaking when subjected to accidental impact.

Fiberglass tanks are also available to our PA, NJ, DE, NY, MD, or Washington, DC clientele. This variety of tank is used often for irrigation systems and for waste water purposes, and much like carbon steel, can withstand very high or low temperatures.
We are experts in polyethylene, plastic and stainless steel materials; it’s a trade we have built upon over the past 35 years, having sold over 10,000 storage tanks in the region we supply. Conveniently based near Philadelphia, PA, we can assist you in your storage tanks needs in PA, NJ, DE, NY, MD or Washington, D.C. CTS can review your steel tank or polyethylene (plastic) tank requirements at your jobsite.

Below is a partial listing of the Tank Manufactures we sell:

Poly Processing Company

  • High Density Cross-Linked Polyethylene Tanks

Edward fiberglass and Enduro fiberglass

  • Fiberglass and Dual Laminate Tanks

Fusion Tank

  • Glass-Fused-to-Steel Storage Tanks and Silos

Houston Poly Tank

  • Poly Propylene and HDPE Tanks, up to 50,000 gallons

PKG equipment

  • ASME Pressure Vessels, PVC, PPL and Rubber Lined Steel and Alloy Tanks

Highland Tank

  • Single and Double Walled, Above and Below Ground Metal Tanks


  • Flouropolymer Lined/Coated Vessels and Scrubbers

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

For all of your purchase, installation and repair needs, when it comes to steel, stainless steel, plastic and polyethylene tanks, as well as other materials including pipes, valves, actuators, steam traps and other products related to your industry, give us a call, visit our website or come to our location in Montgomeryville, PA. We promise all of our customers the highest quality in both service and product, and are dedicated to ensuring that your installation or repair is completed to total satisfaction. Our technicians are frequently trained in both the most up-to-date information on our industry as well as how to provide the best possible customer service.

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